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Wood Grain powder paint

Wood Grain powder paint

The powder coating process is a sublimation process (see sublimation powder coating), using pressure and heat combined. The decorative patterns of faux wood grain are transferred into powder coated surfaces that have been completely cured.
Brand : Teak wood
Model No : 9800
Detailed Description

Advantages of Wood Grain Powder Coating:

1.) Wood grain powder coating is eco-friendly, saving on waste and avoiding harsh pollutants

2.) Wood finish powder coating is durable (no wood rotting) and protects from humidity and UV rays

3.) Wood grain designs are easily and efficiently reproduced

4.) Wood Grain Powder Coating Machines are technologically advanced and yield low maintenance costs

5.) Wood grain decorative powder coating enhances the look, and adds value to, your products

6.) Wood Grain Powder Coating can be applied to nearly any shape or form

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